Rules and Reservations


It's not possible to accept standard reservations, since we strive to let the customer leave whenever she needs.

The reservation service we offer consists of accepting phone calls to reserve, to the arriving camper, a parking spot available at the moment.

We suggest to reserve no more than one day before, to avoid the payment of an unused parking spot and not to complicate too much our task of keeping the spot available when the Parking is almost full.

To the costumer, who does not have to lodge any security deposit, we ask:

  • name and phone number;
  • scheduled day and hour of arrival;
  • payment from the day of reservation or, if no spots are available, from the day we are able to free one parking spot;
  • a well-timed cancellation, in case of any problem.


  • Parking area is not surveilled and the Direction does not assume any responsibility for damages and/or thefts caused by third parties.
  • Payment has to be anticipated, as declared in the Price list.
  • The assigned parking spot is indicated in the receipt and is assigned in agreement with our staff (it's forbidden to change it without authorization). It is NOT allowed to: lay down carpets and mats, install tents and camp kitchens, tie ropes to dry clothes, use shading sheets, sewage disposal, spread rubbish, dig holes, put carpets on the grass, hinder the movements of other campers.
  • Waste recycling is required. Recycling bin are available inside the parking.
  • Power outlet can be used only for fridges and batteries, connecting only one isolated cable with industrial plug; every lower quality wiring will be disconnected with no notice.
  • Switch must not be touched at all: who turn them off must first of all contact the staff; every tempering act will be persecuted.
  • Lighting fires is forbidden: food should be prepared and cooked only inside campers or in the BBQ area.
  • Dogs are allowed provided that: they are not aggressive or dirty, lead with a short collar and guarded inside the parking spot.
  • Cycles and motorcycles must turned off and pushed outside the parking: they can be parked in the parking spot, contrary to cars that are not allowed between campers.
  • Please avoid any kind of noise from 1PM to 4PM and from 11PM to 7AM.
  • Sewage disposal in drain basin is not allowed during: 12–14 and 19–21.